Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To Surge or Not To Surge ?

I am not a fan of the "surge" that is being talked about in context with this war and, so it seems, others agree. I am actually attending a protest with a local peace coalition on Thursday evening.

Yesterday I had some time, before going to the hospital, to sit and have a quiet coffee and even catch up with some newspapers and editorial sections. It seems that even Retired Army General Wesley Clark and N.Y. Times columnist David Brooks have some very good points about the proposed "surge" and the whole Iraq situation. They make very good points.

Gen. Clark said that, "Yes, several more brigades would allow for more roadblocks, patrols and neighborhood clearing operations. Some initial successes would be evident. But how significant would this be?" So, very true, but of course you know that they would constantly point out whatever successes they have and not not the bigger picture. They would, as they do now, try to over look how it is more of a big, huge mess.

He went on to say, "We've never had enough troops in Iraq. In Kosovo we had 40,000 troops for a population of 2 million. That ratio would call for at least 500,000 troops in Iraq, adding 20,000 now seems too little, too late." So true.

David Brooks almost mimics the exact same thoughts. ".......putting 20,000 more troops into Baghdad, finally occupying the dangerous neighborhoods, finally starting a jobs program, finally forcing national reconciliation....if the goal is to create a stable, unified Iraq, the surge is a good policy three years too late."

Also a good point. If they wanted these things to happen it should have happened years ago. Not now, after so many have died, and his approval rating and that of this war are down around 17%. Last night, on Keith Olberman, the approval rating of this war was shown as 63% of the American public disapproves. I, of course, agree.

My girlfriends son was due to be out there this summer and now I fear that this surge will end up keeping him there longer and, after 2 years, ups the danger that he will face. Every day that I hear more Marines are killed I am afraid for her loss. Hers and every parent out there.

General Clark made a good point that I think works well as a closing remark, he said, " What the surge would do is put more American troops in harms way, further undercut the moral of U.S. forces and risk further alienating elements of the Iraqi populace."

' Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I think a purge is what's necessary.


Dharma said...

Got that right!