Sunday, January 14, 2007

No Cake for You!

Well, another year down and I can not believe it, but another in a line of crappy birthdays!! I just always seem to have some sort of catastrophe.

By the way, I PASSED my practical final!!!! Yes, I had that to be very happy about. It was hard and half of us had to repeat the medical a second time. Intense. I passed and that had me on a good high.

Went out with some class memebers for a congratulatory adult beverage and lunch. Still on a high note. Came home and got dressed, back over night bags etc. Looked good and ready for a night out. Spending the night at moms I planned to have a few glasses of wine and cvelebrate all around. Until...........

We stopped at the coffee mega giant for a beverage en route, and maybe it was a good thing, because upon trying to leave the battery was dead! Had to call AAA for a jump. Sat there and waited for an hour. IT is getting later. Called my mom and let her know that we would be late. Once the guy jumps me and does the battery test he informs that the battery has a chanrge and it might be the alternater. So, I drive down the street to Autozone and they put some various machines on and tell me that ,yes, it is the alternater. Something about the charge or whatever. I could not buy one becasue SO is in Australia and no one else can put one on. So, he jumps me again and we drive home. Today I have to get another jump and drive it to the place that usually works on our cars and hope they can get it in first thing Monday AM.

Now I am without wheels for what could be a few days and have to try and find rides to grocery store and most of all class Wed. night. That is the last written final. Once I pass that then the school will release me to the state and I can apply to take the National Certfication test.

No cake and no embarassing happy birthday song. But I miss that.

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