Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is not only my birthday, but also that of Mixters daughter!! So I wish her a happy, happy birthday too!

Yes, today is my birthday. The only time I am going to say this...... it is 46. Ouch. That hurt. Not that I am as hung up on that as I used to be, but it does not sound as cool as maybe......36. But I am coming around. I am beginning to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. The Drew had an excellent post about Reubenesque women and art . Great post Drew and it made me feel very good. Too bad society, this society, has gotten everything all screwed up. Older woman are and can be hot!!

So, what very NON hot things do I have planned for the big day? Well, let's see shall we.......

Last night I went to a local fire station and practiced for a few hours with the EMT's to prepare myself for todays practical exam. I was, and still am, VERY nervous. They were great help though and went through and made up traumas for me and showed me various pieces of equipment. Thanks to them! It helped me to feel more confident. So this morning I take that practical final. I am stopping at the coffee mega giant to pick up two coffee travelers for all of us, sort of a birthday thing, not a bribe thing. :-) This really is taking the fun out of any celebrating because I am so nervous. Really, yesterday I thought I was going to cry. I can take any kind of written test and I can write an awesome paper, but I have never done anything like this before. It scares me that I could have made it this far, after paying for the class and maybe not pass today. I am freaked.

Then tonight the child and I are driving out to go to TGIFridays with my mom for dinner. Then, here comes the exciting part, we are going back to her place to play cards with her 82 year old girlfriend. Does that sound like kickin' it or what!! Can I party? For some reason the idea of a hell raisning night on the town just did not appeal to me this year. Maybe because I have friends that I don't even really like right now. Who knows, but we are going to spend the night down there, so I plan to have some wine or other intoxicating beverage.

So, all that said, another day..... another birthday, but it has the potential to be very memorable if I pass this test today and that is what I am going to focus on. Just have to remember, airway, airway, airway.......

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