Monday, January 22, 2007


Saturday there were 2 more Marines killed in Anbar Province. One of them was the best friend of my girlfriends son, Brett, who is in Iraq. They were together. Brett is fine, he called his mom to tell her of his friends death, and he wanted her to know that he was okay. I know nothing else about this young man, she was too upset and I did not want to press the issue right now.

This war is just getting too close. How many more young men, or any men or women, must die?


Mixter said...

Sad. Mr. Bush should have to call each and every one of the families of the dead soldiers and explain to them why this is all worth it.


The Drew said...

How tragic all the way around.My heart and prayers go out to all the young man's family,your friend and her son,and to you,Dharma,as well.I don't know how Bush?Cheney can sleep at night.May God forgive them