Monday, January 08, 2007


Bob Schieffer, over at CBS, had a great, although short article about things to NOT care about this year. As in the news type things and I agreed with many of them and even thought about a few more that I would personally like to add.

Aside from Britney & Paris I would also like to add Lindsy Lohan. Who I believe is a big drama queen as well. If it isn't a story about her probable anorexia they then say she is a cutter, or going along with the previous two females all sans underwear. Pam Anderson too. Why does she or anyone bother to cover her marital status? She'll probably just do it again!! Duh.

Yes the Donald & Rosie thing is just plain annoying. She couldn't ruin the View since it already is quite annoying.

I don't care how many "professional" athletes get into assorted brawls. They all seem to exhibit bad behavior anyway. Oprah and Dr. Phil are not the end all be all and we don't have to hang on their every word. It is wonderful that Oprah donates money, but so do many others that don't ask for major acknowledgement.

Also, red carpet moments.... famous and made over people wearing designer clothing is not a major news event. They have not solved world hunger or found the cure for cancer.

Just a few that I could think of, at 3:00 in the morning, what things would add? Or do you just not care what bloggers have to say?

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