Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Party Time

Last night was the first party of this holiday season. Boy, did I need it! I did not realize how long it had been since I had been able to have a glass of wine with these friends, talk politics, play charades and just plain catch up. It felt great!

Naturally there was some awesome food involved. Another good part of this time of year. My friend James has this party every year and he has the most spectacular all stainless steal kitchen. He is renowned for his homemade holiday cider mix that simmers on the stove all night and fills the home with such a delighful aroma. Cloves, cinnamon and apples...mmmmmmm.

Loving this holiday season!


3HourTour said...

You go girl.Grab the good times whenever you can get them.Looks like a grrrreat time :-)

Dharma said...

As busy as we all have become in this life it is very nice when we can connect with friends be they old or new! Especially when it is a festive holiday gathering. Good food and wine are also a factor!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Here is an article you may like :

Dharma said...

Thanks Anon. It was a very interesting article. Very similar to my own experience as I realized that I was an Athiest.