Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby is Growing Up

Tomorrow Cady will be 4 months old. She has gone from cute and cuddly puppy in to a dog. Complete with long spindly legs and energy worthy of the Energizer Bunny! At the vet yesterday we find we have hit the 35 pound mark. I have a hard time picking her up and am thankful that she has gotten trained and there isn't much need for me to try and pick her up!

She is operating under the delusion that she is a small lap dog and loves to ride, in the car, in the rear window. When we get in that is the first place she goes. Needless to say it will soon be difficult to see around her. Passing motorists find it quite amusing.

Maybe it's because I am older, maybe because I am spending more quality time training this one, but it seems as though she & I have developed such a loving relationship. She is so much more loving than our last Golden seemed. Maybe it is because hubby is gone and she and I are just bonding so much more. No matter.....I am loving it.

Our morning routine begins between 4 and 5 AM. I usually work early and want her to be fed and outside when I leave. So I always take her out and put birdseed out at the same time. You know, multitasking.

There was plenty of snow and it was COLD!! I was in my slippers and robe. Just thought that it would take a few secs. As I approached the feeder I slipped in the snow and fell into a snow bank! My hands and feet were totally soaked and cold. Naturally she thought we were going to play and while I was on the ground she got all fisky and was running around me. I was trying to curse in a whisper since it was the wee morning hours! Finally got in and dumped the snow out of my slippers.

I'm sure I'll do it again. It's a long winter.


Anonymous said...

What a hop good dog :-)

3hour said...

What a good dog:-)