Saturday, December 04, 2010

Girls, Wine, Cheese and Alcoholic Flavored Whip Cream

The four of us have been trying to get together for a year. We finally found a night when all of us could do it!! There is a quaint little wine place near me, and two of them had never been there, and we all love wine. We are also very passionate about cheese!!

It was such a great time catching up as we have all done so many things and had many experiences this past year.

We started off with a nice red zin and five cheese with friut and salami. The salami was actually made with a pinot grigio. We had a bottle of that next. Awesome food and conversation. We ended up being there for four hours.

We capped it off with coffee & Bailey's with a flavored alcoholic whipped cream. I had raspberry and two had chocolate and one vanilla. Delicious!! Next time I will have the chocolate. It was by far the best.

That is one thing about good friends; no matter the time between you can pick up right where you left off.

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3hour said...

Nothing like getting together with good friends ...what a good looking group :)