Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up in Smoke

"A Pentagon-commissioned report urges the Defense Department to ban smoking in the military, even by combat troops in battle zones, a proposal that quickly ignited a controversy among service members."

I don't smoke and have never smoked cigarettes, but this shit is really pissing me off! Where in the hell do they get these ridiculous ideas? As if the stress levels of soldiers in battle or high stress combat type situations needs to be any higher. They want to take away what might possibly be the only stress reliever that they have in their day. Lord knows they can't drink so who cares if they want to smoke!!

We are talking about adults here folks. If they want to smoke then who has the right to tell them that they can not. This is getting too out of control. The smoking Nazi's have killed off much of the smaller pubs and bars, unless they have put in an outdoor patio area where smokers can hang out, and now they want to tell the folks putting their lives on the line in foreign countries that they too must put out their butts!! Insane.

IT appears that they are trying to use the costs to the VA as part of their argument. Maybe these last few wars have a little more to do with the rising costs to the VA and the new ways in which wars are being fought and the types of weaponry that is being used. Let's blame it on cigarettes anyway.

"The bottom line, it said, is that while the Pentagon and the VA have made strides toward reducing smoking and chewing, “tobacco use continues to impair military readiness.”"
Smoking impairs their readiness!! Are they kidding with this? Well, I guess they must set their weapon down to light up, take their hands off the wheel to take a drag. Just another example of wasted money on a wasted study. How about more time and money spent on improving the services that the VA gives to these people when they return home? How about better mental health treatment and maybe so many returning vets would not be committing suicide. There is much more the VA could be doing for these vets rather than take away something .

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