Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Contibution...Hmmm, What Will it Be?

What will I give to the world today? A very perplexing question. Deep. The beginning paragraph to the article, by Tom Walsh who writes a column entitled, "Eyes Wide Open".

Do we often, if ever, hop out of bed in the morning and begin our day by asking ourselves this question? I can honestly say that I do not. We are often so absorbed with our own appointments, and errands, and jobs and everything else that the world throws at us, not to mention all the other people that are either in our lives or that we are responsible for.

What will I add to the experiences of the people with whom I have contact on this day? Usually, I will also admit, that I am most often thinking only of how to get through my day and what I have to get done after work. I am even looking at my patients more as work, rather than someone whose life I may make a difference in that day. So, as the article goes, I am going to try and begin to be more conscious of making contributions to the world in the following ways.

I want to contribute pleasantness whenever I meet someone, whether I know them or not. Now, I must say that I do this on a regular basis when I am working at the coffee mega giant. I also try to do it wherever I might be, but it is also very easy for me to stop whenever I think others are rude and discourteous. I do need to avoid sarcasm and judgement. I will admit that I often make snap judgements. I'd like to try harder to contribute praise and avoid criticism. I don't need to share my opinions as often as I might. Maybe only when asked directly. I want to contribute positive energy and much less negative. There is so much negativity in the world that I do not want to be an active part of its promotion!!

I also want to contribute more courtesy. I try to have good manners on a regular basis, be a good driver, open doors etc. You name it, but it is very disheartening when you see so many rude people. I also want to participate less in unnecessary gossip. It really serves no point. It is only for the entertainment of those sharing it. The person, or people that it is about get nothing from it. It is hard when you work with so many women to do that, but I think , with enough practice that it is doable!!

There are many days ahead of us and I imagine if we put our best effort in to trying we might just be able to make a small contribution and if we are all making small contributions they will all add up into bigger ones and the positive energy will be outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Off topic: I've tagged you with the eight random things about yourself meme.


Dharma said...

Right on. I'll check it out. Nothing like a good meme!!

Anonymous said...

Back ON topic: Organized religion can be the key for some folks. It's definitely not mine. I think you and I have the same beliefs that religion is okay for those who want it. I just don't want it, nor do I need it.