Thursday, June 28, 2007

8 Random Facts

Since my blogging kindred spirit, Mixter, decided to tag me with a meme I have posted it here for everyone's reading pleasure!!

Here you are, eight randon facts about Dharma:

1. I was originally a musical theatre major. That is how I ended up as a singing waitress. In Fort Worth & Dallas there was a restaurant where I worked that hired lots of different theatre people. I did much dinner theatre and local theatre in those towns. Got tired of starving and became a teacher, even though in alternative education that is not far from either theatre or starving!!

2. I am very un-coordinated. I have never been able to even do a foreward roll. No tumbling acts. In school gym I was always the most unable to do stuff.

3. I am a very fast reader. If I sat down, and had the time, I could read an average book in a day or two.

4. I can also type one hell of a paper in the same amount of time. I used to put off all my papers, for school, and then bust out an awesome paper on a deadline.

5. I really like my feet. Out of lots of people I know and see I think that I have the best size and shaped feet. I always notice because I hate ugly feet. I have great looking nails and they are not too big. I have friends who have pinky toes that have no nails or they have huge spaces between their roes and look like tree frogs..

6. I sometimes cry at TV commercials.

7. Like Esteban, I also love to try new things on menus.

8. I have seen classic rock bands; Queen & David Bowie live.


The Drew said...

WoW!A fun and entertaining list,Dharma:-)You learn something new every day.

The Drew said...
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Anonymous said...

I have ugly feet, I think. I have a fungus nail on my left great toe. Disgusting! I am going to get it removed some day...

I can see you as a singing waitress! You would get a large tip from us!