Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogging About Thinking, Thinking About Blogging

I wanted to do this when I could devote my full attention & time to being precise and making sure that I am able to hit all the finer points of the blogs that I am mentioning. This all started because Mixter nominated me, in her post, as one of 5 blogs that makes her think or that she believes is a good thinking blog. I went to the link that Mixter had on her site because I wanted to make sure that I hit all the details, so with no further adieu I give you my list of thinking bloggers.

Part of the criteria was listed as, " ...blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all, blogs that really get you thinking."

1. Mixter's Mix: I list Mixter, not because she nominated me, but because I was reading her blog long before I ever took the plunge into blogging myself. I don't even remember how I came upon it, but it has always been one of the most thought provoking blogs that I ever read. There are times when Mixter waxes poetic about family & kin, but when she hits a political nerve she is always dead on!! She knows more and reads more than I ever do. She reads much more than I do and I always find out many more things about what is going on with the world when I read Mixter.

2. Indigo Luna: Another blog that I was reading long before I began my little page in cyber-space. Rachel always makes me think very deeply about the person that I am and the person that I want to be. She shares and discusses such deep, personal parts of her life. There are times that I will read a post on her site and realize that it was the very things that was missing or that needed work in my life. She is also an artist and shares some of the most beautiful works of art whether it is photography, or fabric, or something drawn. I am always drawn to her site and this is why I nominate her.

3. Veni Vidi Vici: Esteban's blog is one that, months ago, I never would have thought that I would have chosen, let alone been reading!! I had originally thought that he was way too conservative when I would read his comments on Mixter's blog. Then I began to go his blog and found that he had volumes of very intelligent and thought provoking things to say. As a matter of fact he is often more middle of the road than a scary ultra-conservative type. he is reasonable. He is also a great writer and I think that he should even dabble in writing for some publications. Like Mixter, Esteban knows a great deal about what is happening in the world and in our own government. I can not keep up with Esteban any more than I can Mixter. On the fun side he has also published a few recipes and other fun stuff. I am actually always looking forward to what he might have blogged. if nothing else you can usually expect that it will be thought provoking.

Now, I know that the idea was 5 blogs , but of all the blogs that I read I felt that these 3 really fit within the defintion of the "thinking blogs". So, there you have it, and if you have not ever checked these folks out you might want to stop by their little slice of the cyber world some time.


Esteban said...

Hey thanks. Its nice nice to know that I inspire some pondering. I guess this means I have to do a thinking blogger post now. Pretty much all the blogs I read have been covered already. I'll come up with something.

Anonymous said...

You've been reading my blog before you became "Dharma" online!

Great... Now I'll have to nominate more blogs! Maybe I'll be evil and nominate Esteban so he has to come up with another "thinking" post! Hee!


Rachel said...

Awww, thanks! I don't feel like I've had the energy to be "deep" recently but I appreciate the compliment. :-)