Sunday, March 07, 2010

Farewell Good Friend

It is with great sadness that I and others are bidding a fond farewell to our good friend and fellow blogging Mixter. Mixter and I met by accident on the world wide web. I just followed a link which lead to a link and is history. I fell in love with Mix's point of view and began to be a regular reader and commentor.

Through all the social commentary and changes and points of view I followed along and was eventually asked to join the Mix and become a fellow writer. Thus began our reign of atheistic terror!! We began to have many months of religious discourse with several followers. Now....we must bid it all farewell.

I am sad at the loss of the Mix and hope to continue some of her spunk here in my little corner of the world. With far less readership, but with lots of heart! I hope her spirit sticks with me.

Best of luck Mix in all your future endeavors. That includes Guy too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

As you know, we're back up. See you over there!


Dharma said...

Back at ya sista!!