Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Farewell Good Friend

March 28th we lost Casey. She just suddenly passed away on a Sunday afternoon. She had been having some back trouble, pinched nerve, and was recovering nicely. Her death came as quite a shock. We were, and are, still numb.

She was just eleven and we had expected her to live at least 5 or so more years. John and I were having our usual Sunday. Eating some junk and watching Weeds. I walked into the dining room to put the disc in the Netflix envelope and noticed that she looked odd lying on the floor. An unusual position. That was when I realized that she was not breathing.

Monday we buried her in the spot where she used to lay behind our yard chairs. It was the very same hole that she had been digging last summer. We figured it was her favorite hole and it was only fitting that she be buried in it. I plan to plant many red impatiens there this summer.

It will be the first time, in almost 20 years, that we will not have a dog in the house. It is so quiet.

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