Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Directly to Jail

I have been watching this story for a few weeks now and this dad just continues to piss me off. He may be heading to jail for violating his divorce decree by taking his three year old daughter to church.

Having taken my son to church for several years I think that I can say that a three year old doesn't get anything out of going except a snack and color time. There really is no reason to take a small child unless it is what the parent wants. Kids have no real concept until they are older. It is something for them to dread and have to sit still while their parents listen to long, drawn out speeches by people standing in front of the congregation.

When parents of different faiths get together, as these folks did, it should be decided what is going to happen when kids are born and what should be done or not done in regards to any religious education. In this marriage it was decided that they would be raised Jewish. Then after the divorce this guy gets something stuck crosswise up his ass and decided to bring his former religion in to the mix.

I would be as angry as this mom too. He got a television crew to follow him as he blatantly flaunted his disregard for the courts order. Granted they should both let it go until the kid is older and let them make their own choices, but since they have decided to go this route, I think the guy needs to get what is coming to him and go to jail.

The kid is three and has no idea what the parents are thrusting upon them. Just more nonsense in the name of God and religion!!

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