Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wine & Scissors

The other night I got a bee in my bonnet. Or maybe I should say scissors in my hand!! This is what can happen after very long, stressful work days, several glasses of red wine and an attitude with the hair.

I have just gotten to the end of my rope with my hair. I am at work so often, with a sporadic day off and rarely two together, so I just got tired of the long hair. I have to pull it up to work and just got tired of having it down just one day here and there. Why wash it and go to all the trouble for one day and then pull it back up the next.

I had been toying with getting it cut. Well, once I did the bangs I felt bolder and did the rest of it. Actually my hairdresser thought it looked decent. He is just going to fix it here and there when I get the color done next time.

It does feel liberating!!

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