Monday, January 19, 2009

Reading, Writing, Drugs & Alcohol

USA Today had a story today about a school district that wants to require random drug and alcohol testing for its teachers. A topic that is being debated across the U.S.

Personally I have no problem with this. Having taught in an alternative, school where we tested kids once a week for the same substances, I do not see where teachers should be any different. I would have never argued the point for myself. We tested the kids because they can not learn when they are drunk or high, so how can a teacher teach who may be under the influence.

One teachers argument against was that it would pull her from the classroom when she is trying to improve test scores. I have administered these pee tests and let me tell you it only takes a few moments. After you pee in the cup you can go back to instructing. It doesn't take any major time from your class.

Those who have nothing to hide should not care at all. Those who may be abusing varieties of drugs may cry out the loudest. Whatever we choose to do in our off and private time is totally up to us, but going to work, a job where you are trying to teach and shape children, should require that you leave your fun at home.