Friday, January 16, 2009

Also Loving Life

Like my good pal Mixter I too am just loving life right now. This morning it might be -27 with the windchill, I have a stack of bills waiting for an envelope and stamp, trying to plan for Max's open house/graduation party/going away party... the list never ends, but I am loving life right now!! Thanks for making me think about this Mix!!

Yesterday I was enjoying a new beverage that was recently brought to my attention. A few girls, from work, took me out for my birthday. They bought a bottle of a Belgian beer that is infused with fruit, a Lambic, raspberries in this case. It can also be made with peaches, black cherries and apples.

Now, I am not a beer lover at all, but it looked really pretty. An awesome pink color with cool foam similar to champagne. I tried it and LOVED it! A bit sweet, but not too sweet and tasted NOTHING like beer. Only $11.00 for a big bottle. Low alcohol content so nothing that will really mess you up.

As my blogging buddy has stated, she has not been able to find anything pissy to blog about, I too have been having the same thoughts with the exception maybe the Starbucks corporate jet. I understand the timeline of purchasing one and that it is not something that just happens overnight, BUT..... when you are asking your employees to take large cuts in hours, 401K matching is coming to an end, amid lay-offs and closings...... it can tend to piss one off.

When you state that the company is going back to basics and you never get there and then you end up with a jet, in these economic times, you are just begging to piss people off. Your smiling, happy partners are going to tend to get a bit cranky and smile much less. Most of us need to keep our jobs, since they still are giving us health insurance, and tolerate the crap. We are only hopeful that it will get better soon.

If that is all I can find to complain about then I am doing well. Like Mix I am seemingly very happy right now. Strangely nice and wonderful things are going on in my life and that of my family. I am meeting and making some really great new friends, counting Mixter among them, and I seem to be finding less and less to complain about. Granted there are days that seem to go awry, but far less often and when they do I seem to have much more ability to deal with them. One thing that may be contributing is watching less news. I am reading things that are much more enriching rather than debilitating. That has made the biggest difference.

John and I are watching this excellent calming show in the mornings. We Tivo them and watch them over and over. Sunrise Earth on the Discovery channel. They are exactly w3hat you might expect, sunrises in various parts of the world. nothing but nature and water and quiet, calming sunrise. A fantastic way to start your day. Look for it if you can on your cable. You will not be disappointed. A great way to start your day with a cup of coffee.

Thanks again Mixter for getting me to acknowledge my gratitude and recognize how good my life is. It is good to be alive.

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