Tuesday, May 06, 2008

U.S. Death Toll, Tough Love , Womens Rights , Oprah Overload & Beautiful Finland

This morning, as I sit here sipping my extra bold Italian roast coffee, I find that many news articles are catching my attention. Not to mention the beautiful photos that John has sent from his weekend get-away in Finland. I plan to just touch upon the basics of these stories and let you go to the links for further details. They are all stories that piss the hell out of me, so I would be here writing for hours if I went on about all of them. I have too much to do today to let that happen, so have at it!

I have never been a big Oprah fan. Just never got into the show and I do not buy any of her "brand". I used to reach with a woman that had to watch her show every day and would come to school each day recapping the show from the day before, as if I cared. When James Fry crashed and burned from his book debacle I loved it. Anyway, this writer is beginning to discuss how many folks may be tiring of Oprah as she continues to blanket the nation, and maybe the world, with her product.

Seems that Oklahoma continues to legislate the choices for a woman. They are now telling women that wish to get abortions that they MUST have an ultrasound before they can do as they wish.

"This new law inserts the government directly into the doctor-patient interaction and promotes the legislators’ personal values rather than the best interest of the patient. This sets a dangerous precedent that could be extended into other aspects of patient care, especially other controversial areas of medicine."

They are already required to get information, prior to the procedure, that informs them as to what they are doing etc. In my mind that is already pushing the envelop. Now they must undergo this procedure? The choice continues to be taken from women and put into the hands of legislators. This is getting scary.

The U.S. death toll, in Iraq, has hit a 7 month high. Some may compare these numbers to other wars etc., but why compare...aren't they all unnecessary, sad and useless losses? The shape of this "war" seems to be changing greatly to the fighting of insurgents rather than liberating people and helping them to establish democracy etc. All the reasons that it was stated that we went there in the first place.

As someone that has worked with troubled and "at risk" teens I have to say that the whole "boot camp" idea of punishment leaves me quite cold. We are talking about kids that have come from mostly violent homes. Where there is never ending yelling and screaming along with physical violence. Then you want to put them in boot camp style punishment settings where they are forced to endure more of the same yelling, screaming and the like. Granted the leaders may not be druggies or drunks, but I have seen first hand how these kids respond to more of the same tones etc. and it is not good. I am not saying that they do not need some type of program, but I do not think that these militarily styled settings may not be in the best interest of the child.

When you look at some of these "camps" or "wilderness camps" you have to look at the caliber of those they hire. Due to the death of some kids at the hands of the guards/instructors that are hired to watch over them. Also those instructed to teach them. There are always stories of those that slip through the cracks and end up working with these kids that do not even have the proper training or demeanor to be doing so.

Finally, we come to the Finland experience. Looks like John will be there till June, but he has had a wonderful weekend adventure and I have included a few photos for your viewing enjoyment. The owner of the company has this lovely little cabin in the woods on this lake. They went for a weekend. All the food was catered in and there was a smaller sauna building as well. They had much Finnish vodka and after several hours in the sauna did three trips to the lake for frozen dips. They walked out that dock and into the lake. I asked if it was refreshing and John said, "Not once! It was fricking freezing every time!" Said that his feet were blue by the time they were finished. The man does not have much body fat! Said that he slept great and the air was wonderful. It looks like a beautiful setting and it is a place that I could spend a great deal of time.

Coffee is cold, so I guess that is the signal that it is time to either refill the cup, or do something constructive. It is my day off. We'll see.

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The Drew said...

Hello,Dharma,good post.The boot camp idea 'might' work on 1 or 2% of the kids...besides that,it is a very wrong idea.
Brrr.I am cold just thinking about jumping into a cold lake(though,people have been telling me to go jump into a lake for years)Obama wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for Oprah{Oprah-Obama/Obama-Oprah}

What is wrong with getting an an ultrasound?

Don't worry about Iraq...we will be invading Iran pretty soon.

Speaking of coffee..I smell mine..have a super duper day