Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and the City

I never became a fan until the show was already into re-runs. I could not even have told you any of the character names. Then something happened....... I watched an episode, obviously out of order & not knowing who anyone was, but loved it!! It was a hilarious episode where Samantha, the slightly older of the four ladies, is dating a younger man, as she is prone to do, and she discovers that she has some gray hair "down there". So, she dyes it herself and it turns out the shade of Ronald McDonalds hair! Having some familiarity with this area I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I could relate. I decided to watch some more of this show. Now, I am hooked.

A girl that I work with loaned me the entire series on DVD. Now, I am prepared for the movie. There is going to be about 15 of us total. We, a group of girls from work, have decided to go along with various mothers and sisters and friends. First we are all going out for dinner and a few drinks, then we are walking over to the theatre to all watch it together. My mom has never seen the show, but who cares! It is going to be a night of girl fun and frivolity! The movie will be its own story and those who know the history will get that extra added thrill.

I also happen to be a big Chris Noth fan from Law & Order long before he was "Big". So, along with the ending and closing of many story lines I am also looking forward to the camaraderie with all the girls and women of various ages that are going out Friday night. A few Cosmos, a burger and a bucket of popcorn later...who cares how good the movie actually is, it is all about bonding and spending time with the girls.

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