Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have heard this term used in a variety of professional fields and in the business world, but it is quite another thing to hear the term used when one is referring to the war in Iraq. People have been talking for some time about the group Blackwater and their work in Iraq. Well, I am not going to ramble on much, but rather point you to an alrming article over at Mother Jones written by Jeremy Scahill who spent time with and reseraching their activities in Iraq and testified before Congress and has written a book about the entire mess.

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The Drew said...

Blackwater is the reason our troops are ill equiped.Donald Rumsfeild is known to have taken money that was do the pentagon and used it for Blackwater instead.Blackwater started as Halliburton's private security force paid via Halliburton via large no bid contracts via the American tax payer.After all,this is a 'for profit' war.There are billions of gallons of crude oil in Iraq unaccounted for...hospitals paid to be built but not built,the only Americans in Iraq not getting rich are our over extended troops.It is a dirty shame.Our carpet bagging execitive branch should not only be impeached but thrown in jail for treason.