Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Day to Catch-up

I took today off, not just so I could catch - up on blogging, I like you guys allot, but also so I could do laundry, finish gardening and do some basic utility things around this place. One day off a week just does not give one enough time to do much. Today I plan to finish this blogging, go buy the rest of my plants/flowers, vacuum up the mountains of dog hair that are floating around on my hardwood floors..... you get the picture.

Sunday night the son & I went to an outdoor concert featuring some of our favorite bands; Cobra Starship, Plus 44, Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is. It was a fantastic 5 hour show and we were lucky enough to have 4th row box seats. I danced and we sang and screamed all night. Needless to say I was a zombie all day Monday at the coffee mega giant. Good thing that they have my drug of choice there! If you put some real whip cream, vanilla and several shots of espresso in a very short cup it can do amazing things for you! Fall Out Boy put on a show full of pyrotechnics with confetti and giant cartoons on a screen and so much more. They did an almost 2 hour set. A great, great time.

I read a great quote in one of the newspapers yesterday that went something like this, and I do not remember to whom I should attribute it, but here it is anyway," Anytime I hear something that is told to me by a bunch of white men that call themselves the "moral majority" it makes me very happy to be a part of the "immoral minority". I wish that I had saved that article because I am not doing it much justice, but it made me think a great deal about what and who makes up this so called "moral majority".

Who decided that we needed one anyway? Was there someone (Jerry Falwell?) that one decided that the rest of us were all so damned evil that there needed to be a group to speak for and / or guide us? I really resent the fact that I am considered an immoral person. I want to know what the criteria is that he used to lump us all together and why are those other folks supposed to be so much better than me. On the fast track to Heaven I presume.

I consider myself to be a very good human being. I have not ever violated any of the "10 biggies", I am considerate of my fellow humans I basically live a good life. So, I guess it must be based on my political views. Oh..... I did not know that the Big Man /Person upstairs had a particular political slant. That even if I am personally Pro-Choice that I am automatically damned to hell fire and brimstone for eternity. If I don't care if gays & lesbians want some type of union I am to burn for time and all eternity.

So are they basically the thought police? That no matter what good you might do if your views are less than ultra-conservative you are to be seen as immoral. It continues to frighten me that there are such large groups of people that are walking around and continuing to spew such nasty crap. How can any sensible adult even believe that Gods wrath has been to put these wars and plagues and hurricanes etc. upon the masses due to behaviors that He deems inappropriate.

It seems to be that maybe they need to read their Good Book more closely, or less if that is the case, open their minds more to the realities of our times and maybe roll-up their sleeves and do some good old volunteer work and worry less about peoples private lives. I think they have too much time on their hands and they need to do more to be a better part of society instead of constantly critiquing and making themselves feel better about themselves.


Anonymous said...

The "Moral Majority" is neither.


Esteban said...

I'm pretty sure that in the end Falwell's 'Moral Majority' was about getting a majority of his follwers to send him a check more than anything else.

The Drew said...

Sounds like a great concert and a fun time to have with your son.

AS for Jerry Falwell-his last name pretty much says it all.I ask God to have mercy on him.

People are now saying that he meant well...well,I don't believe that about him.Though you can rightfully say that I am as bad as him by judging him-it is a value I am OK with you pinning on me.Why?Because he preached fear and hatred instead of love and mercy.

I have nothing against the white redneck-hell,I am half that myself-but isn't it alright to be OK with yourself 'and' be accepting of others?Shouldn't our differences be praised instead of condemned?