Friday, March 18, 2011

A Fat Lip & Exhaustion

I went back to work this week, after six weeks of a medical disability, and I am exhausted!! I was never so happy to have a day off. First it was mental. Having to listen to so many people talking to me at once after so much time of just me & the pup! Then a day later came the physical exhaustion. The feet and legs. Twice this week I came home and fell asleep for 10 hours! Barely a single sip of wine.

Last night I ordered two pizzas and was going to have some pizza, wine and relax. I got my favorite spinach alfredo pizza with onions, fresh tomatoes and bacon. YUM! Hubby had picked me up and we were coming home together. The kid was home ahead of us and the puppy was already out of the kennel. She heard us arrive and was quite excited.

She was running around us. I bent down to untangle her runner and at the same time she was trying to jump. Her hard ass head hit me solid in the mouth. Luckily no teeth were loose, but I have one hell of a fat lip! I had to sit, for an hour, with an ice pack. All before my first glass of wine!! Sheer insanity!! I was ready to cry. Not sure if it was the lip, the exhaustion or the fact that I really wanted that wine. Probably a bit of all three.

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