Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing Like a Weed & The Slow Burn

She is only three months old, but already has such gangly legs and a unique personality. People who have dogs know that everyone of them is so different from the last. Our last Golden was raised with our Lab, Cady is the first pup that we have raised as a single dog. We have always had two, so this is making for an unusual situation as we are teaching her things that she would have learned much faster with an older dog leading the way.

Now that the hubby is in Brazil I am back to single dog duty. Luckily she will sleep at night and seems to housebroken with only a rare accident.

This has all allowed me to get back to reading and looking into what is going on in the world and around my corner as well.

I am doing such a slow burn over the state of politics in general. I am sick and tired of the extreme on all sides. Happy to still have my health plan I am mad as hell at the cost increase! Between my taxes and cost of health care I am making only 1/3 of my actual pay!! Yes, I could put my kid back on, and as a responsible parent I feel that it is something good that I can offer him, it also took my share to nearly $500 a month!! I told him that he will have to pay his own co-pays, but at least he has it.

Considering the way Obama has been rolling out his,"Hope and Change", I have become quite disillusioned. That doesn't mean that I am ready to get on board with the Tea Party or back Palin, but it means that I am reading as much as I can and the look at who might be the lesser of two evils.

As someone who has totally supported Strickland and voted for him I became so displeased with him and the way things are in Ohio, we do not need any high speed rail, no one will use it!! Why waste the money? According to reports you could drive there in less time than the train would take! People just will not use it, so let it go! The jobs they talk about would only be for a short time.

Looks as if I will have to have the carpal tunnel surgery after all. One last test on Dec. 10th to check the extent of my nerve damage and then I will schedule the operation. Damn! I was really, really hoping to avoid it, but at least the same doc that did John's knee surgery will be able to do mine. I would have to use a week of vacation time, but that would be a treat!! A full week off......delicious!!

It is getting busy here at Panera and I have to whisk myself off to physical therapy, so I'll douse the burn for now and head off to Whole Foods this afternoon.

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Nice blog.Good luck with the dog