Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy & Interesting Shit

After having a good deal of time to read through news sites this morning I found three stories that were of interest to me and my life. The first being that many people are dropping cable.

We are among those people. It has been over a year since we cancelled our cable and we really don't miss it or the huge ass bill.

"Cable companies believe that the departing customers are either switching to satellite or abandoning television altogether, but a much more realistic possibility than the latter is that they're simply choosing to watch shows online; according to Ian Olgeirson, a senior analyst at SNL Kagan, "It is becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the impact of over-the-top substitution on video subscriber performance, particularly after seeing declines during the period of the year that tends to produce the largest subscriber gains due to seasonal shifts back to television viewing and subscription packages."

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When we first got rid of it we were really bummed about missing basketball, but since we really don't have any good basketball in our area any longer it really is no loss. If there is a pro game or college that we want to watch, well there are plenty of sports bars to go to. This is a college town after all. Many of the games are on regular networks anyway.

"When an institution so central to human experience suddenly changes shape in the space of a generation or two, it's worth trying to figure out why. This fall the Pew Research Center, in association with TIME, conducted a nationwide poll exploring the contours of modern marriage and the new American family, posing questions about what people want and expect out of marriage and family life, why they enter into committed relationships and what they gain from them. What we found is that marriage, whatever its social, spiritual or symbolic appeal, is in purely practical terms just not as necessary as it used to be. Neither men nor women need to be married to have sex or companionship or professional success or respect or even children — yet marriage remains revered and desired. "

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Aside from the very religious I think my generation may be the last to see getting married as what you do as a couple. If I were younger, and dating or in a relationship, I am not so sure that I would see it as something we would need to do as a couple. It really does not seem so necessary. Many jobs with benefits offer them to your partner. Marriage is no longer a requirement. Many people hyphenate their last names and they give both to their children, so again it is not needed just to name your kids.

Finally, we just could not end the post without a crazy bit from our favorite kook, Sarah Palin.

I laugh at many of here statements, but the fact that she calls herself a regular housewife makes me ROTFL!! Aside from the fact that there really has not been a typical housewife since the 1950's I think that she is just trying another snippet sound byte to capture the attention of her beloved Tea Party and religious conservatives that still believe that women should be barefoot and pregnant while totally submitting to their husband and his wishes etc.

She really needs to think about referring to herself as what she really is..... a reality television personality. I don't think that she can even call herself a serious politician any longer. An oxymoron if ever there was one!!

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