Monday, October 04, 2010

She's Here!!

It really is just like being a new mom. I am getting up every 2-3 hours to take her out, I am wearing my Santa holiday pajama pants, a tavern tee shirt and raggedy sweater. I have had to start wearing nightly wrist splints, since I have carpal tunnel, and it is a mess trying to put a coat on at 2 in the morning!! Everyhting sticks to the velcro straps. I went out the door, half asleep, with only one arm in a sleeve and the coat hanging down, the dog on my other hip and going ouy into the rain trying to get her to pee.

She did not eat for the first day and a half, and as you know, when you begin to research stuff on the internet you can freak yourself out. She has started to eat quite well now.
I am happy about this.

I am not sure if it was so smart to get her while hubby is out of town and I am doing this alone! Trying to get ready for work while she drags the rugs around and runs from room to room with my shoes.

It is a handful, but I have to admit, once I smell that puppy breath and see those little paws I forget how tired I am and how goofy my outfit might look.

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