Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bringing Up Baby, Work and Living in Pajamas

It has only been two weeks, but feels m ore like two months! Why don't I remember any of this from the last one? If I had remembered it being anything like this....things might have been different and other choices might have been made! is not so.

I have been living in either work clothes OR my Santa pajama pants, bar tee shirt and either sweater or winter coat depending on the nighttime temperatures. Flip flops or clogs, due to the ease of getting them on and off, also depending on the temps. I did not think to switch to the clogs until I had spent five days in the rain and chill in the flip flops. I was so sleep deprived that I actually forgot that I owned several pairs.

I have been working very hard to get her on a schedule. On my days off I work very diligently to make sure I follow it. Keeping her up and playing at night until she willingly, and quietly, gets in the kennel and sleeps for 7 or more hours!! Last night it was 7 1/2. Lucky me. I know when hubby gets home it will be total disruption and I'll have to teach him the routine.

Since we have lost so many employees I have been working full time and that means coming home at lunch to let her out and eat whatever is easy to grab and eat while watching and somewhat playing. Enrollment is up almost 8% at the university and our business is reflecting that increase! We are always busy. It is amazing the people who are looking for a job, but only want to work one day a week or less than 5 hours a day. Doesn't matter to me....more hours for me. With the kid back on my health insurance, Obama health plan, they are taking an additional $100 a month. I don't mind since he needs it and it's the least I can do as he is working full time and getting ready to start classes in Jan.

All in all I am busier than I have been in a long time... and managing to even read a great book!! Life is good.

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