Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Out the Door

Today was the first time that I have taken a walk, without a dog, in almost 20 years. I had to force myself out the door. well, really I had to force myself to get my shorts on, and shoes, an Id then out the door. It was/is a beautiful 80 degree day here and I wanted to begin getting myself into walking/running for my 5K this fall.

Last year I did not make it due to a knee problem, but now I am slowly making my way back. Hopefully by October I will be able to run again.

It was the most boring walk ever AND i did not know what to do with my arms and hands! I am so conditioned to either walk a dog or pick up poop that I don't know what to do otherwise.

I don't want to listen to music because I want this time to be for meditative thought or reflection or whatever. I listen to music when I run, so I want my walking time to be more peaceful.

I know that as time passes it will become more natural, but for now it is hard to leave the house and take the same routes that Casey & I used to take. I think that I will change them for awhile until I don't think about it anymore.

Although it was weird the sun was shining and the 80 degree day felt good on my skin. Like they say...time heals everything.

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