Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lovin Coldplay

Sorry John, I know when you read this it is going to be "salt in the wound" since you were not able to go the concert. Although I am sure that you were kickin' it and having a hell of a good time in.....Oklahoma! NOT!!

Yes, last week I went to a fabulous Coldplay concert. I got the tickets as soon as they were on sale, but with John's work we can never tell when or where he might be going. Oklahoma became urgent and he had to go, so I took along a good friend.

I have never seen Coldplay, but would absolutely go again! It was like a modern day Pink Floyd show. Great lighting and some excellent long musical interludes. They sound as fantastic live as they do recorded. I was very impressed and it takes allot to impress me where concerts are concerned. They did stuff from all parts of there career. At one point they even appeared in the audience, not far from where we were seated, and did a short acoustic set. Awesome!

The opening act was another Brit, Duffy. Don't know if you have ever heard or seen her, but we did also sell her CD at the coffee mega giant. She is a blond, non-drug addicted type similar to Amy Winehouse. A very strong and bluesy sounding voice. She was also good. She filled that arena with her voice. I think I will get that CD now.

All in all an excellent tour, one that I am glad to have paid top dollar for. The prices of concerts are ridiculous and I am very picky about what I will splurge on. I would see them again. Maybe the next time John will get to go too!!

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