Saturday, October 11, 2008

Disappointed & Pissed Off

If many of you did not already know, I live in a college town, a VERY liberal college town. One that is rather famous for being so liberal. Much to my dismay and disbelief this town has a movie complex that has chosen not to begin showing "Religulous". It opened nationally the weekend of Oct.3, but has yet to be on a single screen in this town! I scanned all the theatres and the ONLY theatre where it is playing is miles away from here closer to a major city.

I can not believe this! With everything else that is going on in this country there may be theatres that are concerned about showing a movie that a few might consider controversial? Michael Moore causes more controversy than this film seems to be generating. I have not heard or seen any folks, religious or not, with signs marching around demanding that Bill Maher be strung up or burned at the stake.

It just amazes me that, in a town that thinks it is so diverse and liberal, that we can not even get a free thinking movie like this. That it is okay to show movies that lampoon the president or health care system, but the religious sacred cow, no pun intended, better not be touched. I can see no other reason for them to not be showing it while it is playing in the rest of the country. I know that I can drive anywhere and see it, but that is not the point. Why should I have to go to another town when mine has a perfectly fine 12+ screen facility and not one of them is showing this film.

But if anyone has a need to see some sex, gratuitous violence or teen angst I am sure there is much to choose from.


The Drew said...

I,too,would love to see this movie....but probably not get a chance until it comes on Tv.

I was a big fan of ,'Life Of Brian'.This looks every bit as goodf.

Dharma said...

This is a little different from Monty Python material. It is done a la documentary style similar to Michael Moore's stuff. He talks to and interviews people and it becomes funny by default.

Did you see him on The Daily Show? The clip they showed was wonderful. He was dressed like a bum preaching the tenets of Scientology on the street and people thought that he was crazy. I have read that he also does it with Mormonism. Looks great! Not to mention funny.

If it ever makes it to TV it will be cable HBO.

The Drew said...

Ha!It sounds vry very funny.