Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where the Magic Happens

This weekend it was time to get the hair color refreshed and trimmed. The place that I go to, Skullz, had recently moved to a new & larger location as well as had much new painting and work done. I decided to get off politics today and show you a bit of where all the magic happens!

I took these pictures with my camera phone so the quality is not of the highest caliber, but they give you a good idea. My hairstylist is Jeremy and he is in such high demand that he was working today, Sunday, for several hours to fit in 5 clients! As well as doing great hair & color he is also a professional make-up artist and has done the make-up for several "big hair glam band" videos in Calif. Not to mention a who's who of drag queens!!

The best thing about going there to get my hair done is that my girlfriends and I will often meet there, when one of us getting something dyed, cut or waxed and bring a bottle or two of our favorite wine and everyone has a glass and a good time!! You won't see that happening at Best Cuts or Great Clips.

By the way, that is my mom & I in the opening shot with my recent color and cut! Obviously my mom does not go to the same salon as I!!


The Drew said...

Hi,Dharma,can't see your hair too too well,but it looks nice and so do you...nice and fit and trim:-)

Your Mom looks good,too...that is a wild(in a good way)hair salon

Dharma said...

Thanks! :-)