Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Top 10 List

As 2007 comes to a close there will be many lists compiled about the best the year had to offer. Based upon someones taste and likes. This one was put together by the American Film Institute.

It is their list of what think were the best movies of the year as well as a few TV shows. I have to say that it is an impressive list of films. None of which I have seen yet. They include the likes of; Michael Clayton with George Clooney, No Country for Old Men with a huge stellar cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones just to name a few. They are all big dramas that I will probably rent, when I have the time, on Netflix. I consider them to be my best discovery, with no late fees, it is my kind of movie rental heaven. We used to be terrible about getting then back on time and would have gigantic sized late fees!!

I love some really good dramas that have good writing and an excellent story line. John, on the other hand, does like explosions and car chases, so they have to be a REALLY good movie for him to sit through. I am all in favor of the action epic, every now and again, but sometimes just like to sink my teeth into a good story. Something about winter that makes movie watching that much more enjoyable. I guess the idea of curling up with the dogs and a blankie and a nice red wine as opposed to being outside, in the summer, with a fire and warm weather have a big influence.

The comedy Knocked Up was also on the list. I have heard form many people that it was a very funny movie. Another that we never made it out to see. Unless it is a big budget, special effects, that you "must see" on the big screen we rarely make it out. Max sees WAY more movies in the theatre than we do. It's not just the cost these days, but also time. By the time a movie starts we are already getting tired. A matinee starts while we are still doing our weekend tasks and want to finish and the nine something show just starts too late. Out by midnight in the winter is just too cold. No way!

They even have a few TV shows on the list. None that I TiVo regularly, but have tried to watch a few times. I had thought that Pushing Daisies was full of potential. Not so. Gave up on it. Visually it is awesome, but it tries too hard and just got annoying to me. One that I might try to get into is Mad Men. I saw a few minutes a few times. Not only is it stunning to look at, but the dialog is quick and witty and a few critics have said that it mimics the time period that it represents, perfectly. Takes place in the 1950's when men still smoked in offices and went out for the three martinee lunch and it was the norm. The only show that I still TiVo regularly is Scrubs and it is in its last season. Max likes it too and I just bought him the soundtrack for Christmas since they usually have such awesome music in their episodes. One of the really good ones was when Colin Hay, from the defunct 80's band Men at Work, sand an acoustic version of one of their hit songs. He, by the way has an album out called Man at Work. Saw it when I got the CD.

So, what are your choices? What do you recommend from this year? As Siskel & Ebert used to say," The balcony is closed."


The Drew said...

I really don't have a top 10 list of favorite movies,but I do have a off top of my head favorite movie no order(well,except being numbered 1-10)

1.The Blade Runner-Harrison Ford at his best

2.Apocalypse Now-It's funny,both of these movies I like the original versions best..Harrison Ford is in this,too

3.The Shawshank Redemption-I love this movie.There is a long wait for the payoff,but it is worth every minute of it.

4.Star Wars-the very first one-The New Begainning-whatever..anther Harrison Ford...I didn't realize that I liked him so much

5.Saving Private Ryan-Just a great all around movie-it got robbed at the Oscars

6.Forrest Gump

7.LOTR-The Fellowship Of The Ring-The only one of the three that I truely liked,enjoyed and can see over and over again and again.

8.A Christmas Story-I don't know if I would pick this any other time of the year-but I love this movie...and haven't seen it yet this year

9.Fight Club-haven't ever seen it,but heard it was good


Dharma said...

You hit on a few more of my all time faves. Fight Club is AWESOME!!! You should just go out and buy it. You could probably get it for a few bucks now.

#8 Always a fave. I will watch it many times this year. Also #6,7 and 3. All really good movies.