Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Friends & Great Food

Last Saturday one of my very best friends from high school, Jon,came from New York to celebrate his moms birthday. So, he invited me to attend dinner with them at a small, but excellent place that is known for their spectacular seafood dishes. It's situated on a small lake and has windows all around that you can look out and see either the lake or fantastic night skies.

Jon has lived in NY since we graduated. At one time he was an actor and a dancer. He has a fantastic little apartment right near Central Park that was built in the 1920's by the Astor family. These days he is a graduate of NYU and a playwright. He still has family in this area, so we try to see each other every time that he comes this way.

I had a fabulous dinner!! It was hard to choose they had such a great menu, but I finally settled, after 2 glasses of a great Cabernet, on a chicken breast that was topped with delicious crab meat and then a cheese and a light sauce with a hint of lemon and herbs. It was HUGE and I could not finish it no matter how much I wanted to try! It came with excellently prepared and seasoned red skin potatoes and some of the most succulent green beans and red peppers. The beans were perfect in their crispness and not under cooked. I hate it when the veggies are too crisp! We had started off by sharing several appetizers of seafood pizzas. They were unlike any I have ever eaten because the crust was so light and buttery I could not believe it. One was topped with crab and the other shrimp. Then a delicious herb cheese and fresh tomatoes. Mmmmm-mmmm good!! I will go back. I could not believe that all these years I have never been there to eat. I just had never considered it. The one reason may be the cost. They were very pricey. Jon did pick up the check, but it would be a nice special occasion place. Not exactly a place that has a kids menu. Max would probably not appreciate all the flavors and subtle nuances of seasoning etc. For example their prime rib was $30.

I am mostly posting this so a few of you might get a partial glimpse of my newest hair foray.


The Drew said...

Hi,Dharma.Finally,a photo:-)Very nice do.Your haircut really seems to compliment you.I like it allot!I enjoy the darker color at the bottom.You are an exciting,vibrant person and your hair seems to say that about very nice(sexy)cut.You look fantastic all the way around.Jon looks great.He looks so comfortable with you.It is great to have friends that no matter how long it's been since you've seen them there is still that connection and comfort level.You are both blesssed.

Sounds like a great meal and better evening.Thanks for sharing.

Dharma said...

Thanks Drew, there are actually 3 colors in the hair. A very, very dark brownish-black underneath in the back, followed by the layer of red, and then the blond that you see on the top. I will have a few more, maybe today, from a girls party that I went to that will show better hair, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'do! Your friend Jon is very handsome, even without hair!