Friday, June 03, 2011

My Plate for Dummies

I guess we are just too dumb to know how/what to eat. Yes, the food pyramid has been around forever and not too many gave it much attention. I saw it all through school, but it was not anything I used when cooking or food shopping. Now, it seems that the government has spent two million making a picture that any dummy can read who doesn't know how to eat!

Ever since daycare or elementary school we are told about healthy eating etc. If we choose to do it or not I don't think some group of idiots needs to make a ton of money coming up with some picture that they think we are all going to follow.

Next they might just as make little plates with compartments for us so we can just drop our food where it tells us to put it.

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3HourTour said...

... for some reason the plate reminds me of the food they ate in the movie,' 2001 a space odyssey ' They keep dumbing down, but I still want my meals supersized.... how have a 4 pound Aero Burger please....