Monday, May 23, 2011


Two years ago I ran my first 5K. Then I developed pre-patella bursitis and it was terrible pain and caused me to stop running. Once I stopped and let my knee heal I just got lazy, as is so easy to do, and now two years have passed.

I finally got to a place where I didn't want to be AND after hitting that "milestone" birthday I knew that I had to get back in the game. A friend told me about a program that she was using and it was all I needed for motivation! It is the "Couch to 5 K Program".

I looked it up online and found it to be quite simple. I am into my third week and getting back in the groove.
I take Cady with me and since she is still so young I hope to get her into a running with me routine.

The race that I ran, two years ago, will be this October and I plan to be ready.


3HourTour said...

....Hi, Dharma ... What a coincidence ....I just started running last week to start getting back into fighting weight. Doing a mile...notice I did not claim to be running it all...hopefully, I soon will

Dharma said...

You might like the program I am doing. Small increments.

3HourTour said...

...Mmmm tell me about your program

3HourTour said...

...just read the plan-was pretty much doing program#1 anyway. I will try to keep close to the. Program, but may go slower

Dharma said...

In 20 minutes, doing the 90/90, you end up doing a mile and a half. That is where I am right now. Have you been to "Map My Run"? That is where I find out my distances.

3HourTour said..., but I will check it out....seems like you are doing great:-)