Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aran Sweater & Acessories

Hubby just got home from a week in Ireland. For my birthday he bought me a beautiful traditional Aran sweater, some fingerless gloves and scarf.

He had a rental car and spent 2 hours driving, lots of traffic, and spent three hours walking trying to find the exact sweater I had showed him before he left. I can still not believe that he was able to find the exact one.

It was in a very highly populated shopping area in Dublin. It was in The Donegal Shop which was owned by a delightful older couple that he said were very traditional Irish. Prior to finding them he had been 6-7 other shops. They offered him a matching hat as well, but he told them that his wife had big hair and they found that quite amusing. With several months of cold weather remaining and I am anxious to get lots of use out of all these items!!

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3HourTour said...

Dharma,WoW! What a beautiful sweater ensemble ...and, it fits you so nicely, too:) That's quite a husband you have....6 or 7 stores! ?! I would have quit after two...nice post:)