Thursday, January 07, 2010

Overweight & Godless

As someone who has never been model thin I was thrilled to see that someone was finally using models/beautiful women who are a far cry from stick-like! It's about time that the clothing industry/fashion folks got a good look at who the real women are and maybe make clothes for all of us! There are a few fashion lines that I have looked at and their largest size is a medium!!

'In the '00s, the fashion industry talked the talk about curvaceous models. In the '10s, it might actually walk the walk.

Top model says sometimes she thinks it would be nice not to be so nice.

The upcoming issue of V magazine, on newsstands Jan. 14, features a bevy of Botticelli-bodied beauties, flaunting their figures in everything from cut-out Gucci bathing suits to bottom-hugging Guess jeans to nothing but red lipstick, gold jewels and a pair of heels.'

Some magazines have been known to use computer work to minimize the size of Kelly Clarkson and Demi Moore on their covers. Clarkson raised hell after Self Magazine did it to her and many were happy to hear it.. There is nothing wrong with hat girls size and it was good to hear her put these fashion people in their place!

"Body size. Presently, it's a subject of great debate in the fashion industry. In one corner, editors are calling for an end to size zero clothing samples; in the other, designers are whittling down the women in their ad campaigns to cartoonish proportions. Everyone, it seems, has voiced his or her opinion on the issue, making it one of the most highly blogged and heavily Twittered about topics of the day. Here's our stance: big, little, pint-sized, plus-sized -- every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it."

Tiger Woods may need many things in his life, but the suggestion of Brit Hume that what he needs is Christianity is a big, fat joke! Really Mr. Hume? Just another arrogant example of a Christian that feels that his way is the right way and it is the balm for every one's woes.

I have yet to find any use for it during any personal strife. It never did anything for me when I used it and now that I am free of its stranglehold I am free to think for myself and make my own decisions.

Tiger and his wife have many decisions ahead of them, but none that I see God stepping in to. The arrogant Christians should try and keep their opinions inside their churches and sheeple hordes. The evening news is not the place to state your personal religious views. You haven't heard any prominent Atheists coming forward to offer them advice. If I were to offer any it would be," Deal with it on your own terms and tell everyone else to butt out"!

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