Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well, I finally got to see "Religulous". A few friends from work and I drove to a nearby city and had dinner as well. All I can say was the smartest and funniest film that I have seen in some time! I enjoyed it much more than any of Michael Moore's films. There were so many laugh out loud moments. There really was some good interviews and much food for thought. We have talked about seeing it a second time, so that we might go with others who have expressed an interest in seeing it. Because there is so much material, and you are laughing often, that I think I would like to see it a second time so that I can digest more of the material. I know there were things that I missed.

If you were even toying with the idea of going, or just have questions about tenets of any religion, I would suggest that you go and see this film. It is also not very long and I thought that it was over way too quickly!! The go out and have dinner, some wine and a discussion.


The Drew said...

I like Bill his show every Friday..very funny guy.

The movie has gotten very good reviews and I can't wait til it comes to HBO.

Matbe it will become like the new rocky Horror.

Dharma said...

Do you think that it will get played on TV? I am not sure that people are ready for their foundations to be shaken in that fashion. Most people are not ready for it.