Friday, April 04, 2008

Is Anyone Listening?

According to a CBS News- New York Times Poll 81% of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. They said that," things seem to have gotten seriously off on the wrong track". This number is up from 69% a year ago, and 35% in early 2002. 78% of those responding felt that the country was worse off than five years ago, while just 4% said that they thought that things were doing better. Who are these 4%? I would love to talk to one of them and find out what their frame of thinking is and how they feel things have gotten better. I want to know where they shop for food and how they can afford the general basics of day-to-day living.

I am not even talking about the little extras like eating out, going on vacations and the like. Hell, for my family those are things of the past. If my mom was not having a birthday this weekend I would not even be going out to dinner! But it is a delightful luxury these days and I am looking forward to it with gusto. Not to mention that it is something that has to be strategically planned for and cash set aside towards. We never do fast food anymore. Assuredly we are better off health wise, but sometimes I just crave something greasy and fried, not to mention the convenience.

I am giving some serious thought to buying our own cow to defray the cost of milk. With all the milk I have at my fingertips, at the coffee mega giant, I could make some side cash selling it in the back alley for $2.00 or less a gallon!

If things are getting this out of control and more and more people are showing the signs of financial strain etc. I wonder who out there is listening and when are they going to begin to really address our concerns? To coin a much used and abused phrase, " Can you hear me now"?

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Jen Sardam said...

I know what you mean. Depends where you live too. Used to live in Wyoming. Pay was low, life was boring, but I was 8 min. from work. Now, I spend no less than $300 commuting monthly into VA from MD, because of gas and transit, etc. And that will only rise w/the price of gas. It seems I can't even lay my head on my pillow these days w/out thinking of money.