Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Ohio Time, Dumping Cops & a Mini-Marathon

It's back to Ohio time for the candidates! The very day that they began to talk about Ohio the political ads began to run also. At 3:30 AM, as I was getting ready to go make coffee for the masses, I saw the first one. OMG!! Is it that time. God how I hate TV when they begin to run the "I am so and so and I endorse this message". It makes me run right out and buy new batteries for my remote so I am able to change the channel fast! Thank the lord for DVR so we can fast forward through commercials. I would like to be able to see their debate, in Columbus, but realize that it is out of the question, so I will either watch it or read about it later. Even though I am quite tired of the whole dog & pony show I know that I owe it to them and myself to watch and listen some more, so I can make an intelligent and well thought out decision.

How about these great cops that dumped the quadriplegic out of his wheelchair because they did not believe him when he told them he was paralyzed!! I watched the video and it just pissed me off. Especially when you could see the older cop walking past the camera and he was obviously laughing about the whole incident. Sick assholes indeed!! Very degrading for that poor guy. To be dumped on the floor like a piece of trash or tossed around like a rag doll. The indignity of it all. There need to be some people out of a job. I realize that hardened criminals, or those that put up a struggle, need to be handled, but what the hell was this guy doing but sitting in his chair!! Have you seen the video? Sick. I hope that he gets some justice from this. No human being needs to be treated in such a manner. I thought that we had laws to protect people with disabilities. I guess this particular police dept. has not yet received this training.

Eating healthy and working out is no fun. I have hit my 15 pound mark. No doubt I am happy about it, but it is not that much fun. The other night I came home from my meeting and wanting to celebrate by eating something! How twisted is that. See, food has always been my life. Good times and bad. Granted, I feel fantastic eating all these servings of fruit and vegetables and the like, but I do miss....cookies, candy..... I do buy some of the WW goodies. They are the only thing that help me keep on track. Wine is always a downfall. So, to allow myself more treats I have to workout more. Another activity that I have never been too fond of, especially running. I have been walking/jogging twice a week for 3 miles. Yuck! A girl that I work with wants me to run in a min-marathon with her in March. I don't run for fun or anything that resembles fun. I do it because it is easy and does not require a gym membership or fancy equipment. This week I also got my dusty stability ball out of the basement and 5 pound hand weights. If I can keep it up I will hit my 10% of my body weight loss. That is a milestone. Then you move on to another or into a new era or something like that. Sigh, I guess it is a life long thing.

Well, we do what we have to do, don't we.

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