Saturday, October 20, 2007

The KIte Runner

I just finished reading this great little book and if you want to read it, before the movie comes out, you should jump on it. It is a quick read and I think I had it done in a week. Not very familiar with the people and country of Afghanistan it painted a great picture for me. For those of you that may not be familiar with this title, it is 2 years old and has been on the N.Y. Times Best Seller list for 2 years. I had not heard of it until we began to sell it and the coffee mega giant. My friend who is in an actual "book club" told me that she read it when it first came out and that it was very good. So, I bought it and gave it a whirl.

I often wondered, as I read, how much of his own life in Afghanistan the author injected into his characters. They were very lush and full. There have been stories in the news that the release of the film is being held until the movie company can get the child actors and their families out of Afghanistan for safety reasons. There is a scene that occurs in both the book and film that may be unacceptable and disturbing to their countrymen due to religious reasons and so they fear for their safety. It is portrayed carefully in the film, but by their standards not acceptable, so until all is settled the film will not be released. I will go and see it because when I finished the book I actually said to myself that it would make a good movie.

The story is about two young boys, from different social levels who are like brothers. Their relationship to each other, with their own fathers and the country they call home. You will become riveted as you follow these characters into their adult lives, I know I did, and once the last page comes you will want to know more.


Yankee T said...

I just finished his next book which is "A Thousand Splendid Suns"
You should get it. I bought a hard back, which I haven't done in ages, but the library was out and it's not out in paperback yet and it's my book club monthly selection.
I highly recommend it.

Dharma said...

Thanks for the tip!! I will. I am also looking at ordering a new book for myself for Christmas. Look Me in the Eye by the brother of Augusten Burroughs who wrote Running With Scissors. I have read reviews and it saounds excellent. I will have to try really hard not to read it before Christmas. It is the story of his life living with Ashbergers.