Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yes, Virginia There is a Limit

.......And I reached it yesterday! I am in the middle of what is going to be a 13 day work week and yesterday, at the coffee mega giant, I was beginning to feel REALLY, REALLY tired. I have been there at 5:00 AM for all my shifts this week. So, as I was getting ready for work that morning I was already thinking about my nap that afternoon. I am working on Sunday, which I never do as it is usually my only day off, at a local mall shop so I can make sure that I have enough work hours to make the quota I need to keep my health insurance.

When you are that tired and caffeine is your drug of choice then the only thing you can do is DRINK SHOTS! We have a thing that we all do when we get tired, we will pour 1 or 2 shots of espresso and put a tish of some flavor and a smidge of heavy whipping cream and then shoot like you would a shot of tequila. Usually after a few of those you will get the kick you need and be able to finish your shift appropriately.

Yesterday everyone that worked seemed to be tired, so we did shots several times AND I had also had 4-8 shots of espresso in a few lattes when I got there. It got me through and then when I came home I was still able to nap for an hour. Although when I got up I was so groggy that I had 2 cups of a french roast and hit me. My head actually began to buzz internally. I felt so funky and weird that after I washed my hair I could barley stand up let alone bend over and dry it. I was feeling odd. So I took my blood pressure and it was high. High for me, I am usually in the 110/70 to 120/80 range, but it was 150/80. I could feel the effects acutely. First time I have ever overdosed myself on caffeine. I did not like the way I felt at all! So the rest of the day I laid around in sweats and watched TiVo'd television and drank lots of water. When John got home from his office I had him order chicken and wings and after eating I went to bed.

Finally this morning I am back to normal, having a cup of coffee, but I am laying off the shots for some time. There is a limit.

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The Drew said...

sometimes there ain't nothin' like a let the joy flow and pay afterwards.sortta like fasting in reverse:-0